Elafonisos - How to get here

You can reach Elafonisos island from Athens via the national road Athens-Korinthos,following the direction to Tripolis.You pass the first toll at Elefsina junction where you pay 2,00 (euros) and the second ones in Korinthos (free pass).After 10 klms,you will drive past Tripolis tolls (2,00 euros)and after a few klms there are signs to Sparta .You follow them and after 45-50 klms you will go through Artemisios tunnel.Getting out of it you can stop for a coffee at a rest area.Following the same route you head to Sparta ,then you go past the army-camp and then the Airport of Sparta.As you drive along ,you will see a sign to”Neapolis”.You turn right and drive towards Skala.After Skala there are 2 routes.

Route A. to Elaphonisos Estella Hotel - Studios.

Getting to Skala, Lakonia there are signs to "Elos-Asopos-Papadianika",there you turn right and you drive past those villages to Neapolis.After Archagelos in a few klms you will see the sea and Elafonisos on the right.In front of you there is Neapolis.You will see a sign"Agios Georgios-Elafonisos" ,there you turn right and you drive all the way to Pounda where the port is.Although it is a further route travelling is more comfortable and rewarding.

Route B. to Elaphonisos Estella Hotel - Studios

Getting to Sparta you follow the left route to "Krokees-Skala Lakonias-Molai" you drive past Monemvasia towards Neapolis(following the last part of your Journey mentioned in route A).You should be extra careful as you drive through Skala-Vlahioti since there is traffic congestion caused by the passing lorries.Be also careful as you follow the route to Macrinara because of the turnings.When you get to the port in case you don't want to take your car you can leave it there and take a small boat to Elafonisos.It takes 7 to 10 minutes to get there.

Τhere is car and bike rental on the island.